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 January 2018

All through the month of December, I preached an Advent sermon series on making a biblical journey to Jerusalem, that is, for each of us to seek Christ through a series of steps that God’s people have made for centuries, using the biblical texts of Advent to prepare, repent, wait, and watch for Christ to come into our lives, in other words, to make a new start in our relationship to God. However, even though Christmas has come and gone, we may not have experienced that new beginning. Remember Jesus’ words which say that no one knows the day or the hour of his coming. And Jesus didn’t just mean that about his second coming, but about his first coming as well. What I am saying is, even though Christmas has come and gone, we may find ourselves still waiting for Christ to be born and for God to make that new start in us. I wish that this new beginning would happen on December 25th, but sometimes it simply doesn’t. However, two things are for sure. God promises it will happen. And second, God promises that those who are ready will see the moment when it comes. So the real question is: How do we wait on God? As you begin this New Year and think about a new start with God, I want you to consider doing several things:

Practice being grateful for what you have and what God has done in your life. This helps us realize that even though we wait, God has never left us and continues to bless us. Live content with what you have and where you are. This helps us to trust God that answers will come as a part of a greater plan that God has for our lives and that God will take us to greater places that what we ever dreamed. Serve the Lord by offering help to others. This helps us to sow seeds of God’s love while we are waiting for God to bring a harvest, especially when we can’t see the results. Continue to practice the goodness and love that comes from obeying God’s commandments. This keeps us close to God and valuing what is most important in life.

Let’s continue to be faithful to God, even when we haven’t yet made that new start. And let us believe, watching and waiting for God to make a new beginning in our lives.

In Christ’s footsteps we walk,

Pastor Roger