Youth News – January

January 7th we began a 12 week confirmation class. This will be a first time and awhile that our church will have had a confirmation class. This is special in many ways but two things stand out. First is that this class will be a catch up for those who have not been fully through it before, and there is excitement in those attending. The second special thing standing out, this is not a once every few years event. There are students that will able to attend next year and the year after that are already in our church and those numbers are growing. Our church is growing and it’s a wonderful and beautiful thing.

The Word confirm means “to make something stronger, or to believe more strongly in something.” Therefore a young person in who goes through confirmation is making his or her faith stronger. Confirmation has been around for a long time. The various ways it has been practiced reflect the rich heritages of each denomination that has used it and to teach and strengthen their youth in the Christian faith.

Confirmation is not just a 12 week class that our students will need to complete. It is a journey our youth will be going on to build up their relationships with their family, church, and God. This means there will be a need for everyone in our church to step up and help be there for our confirmands throughout the whole journey with love and support that is needed for not just our youth to grow but our church as a whole.

As a church, if we confirm our faith and belief, we will become a stronger church family and a stronger Christian community.

God Bless,
Michael S. Smith

Youth Schedule

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