Youth News – May

Pick up, it’s me God

For most of us the idea of being called by God seems pretty foreign. Some of us may think being “called” was something from Bible times or is only for pastors/church leaders. Also don’t confuse God’s calling with the “Unknown” phone number that shows up randomly sometimes on your phone. God is not calling you to sell you vacation time in Florida or that you’re late with your phone bill.
God has a calling for each and every one of us. His calling is one of the primary ways we know that God is committed to a relationship with us. Have you ever been in a situation where you saw someone hurting and you comforted them? Have you every stood up for another student who wasn’t able to defend themselves? Have you felt that internal pull inside you that said “you should go on that mission trip.”? That is God’s calling. I will instruct you and teach you about the direction you should go. I’ll advise you and keep my eye on you. Don’t be like some senseless horse or mule, whose movement must be controlled with a bit and a bridle.
Psalm 32: 8-9 God chooses us to serve in countless ways in the world. God’s call can be a lifelong mission or a brief but helpful conversation with someone who needs a listening ear. Ultimately God’s call requires a leap of faith on our part. When we believe we have clearly heard God’s voice, then we need to act in faith.

Michael Smith

 Time to Enroll for Church Camp!

I am excited because summer is almost here and that means Church Camps! Last year camp forms went digital and are online. I will be available for those who need help filling out the forms. All the camps will be at Camp Egan in Tahlequah. You will need medical info on your kid such as insurance, medications and SS# ready when you fill out the forms. If you filled out forms last year most of your info should already be saved and will be very simple and quick to fill out.


Below is a list of camps, dates, and the codes you will use when filling out forms. Green Country District Camp (7th thru Graduated Sr.) Code 2R1 – June 18-22 6th Grade Camp (6th) Code 2X1 – June 25-29 Growin’ In Grace (3rd, 4th, and 5th) Code 2G1 – June 25-27

*District camp will fill up quickly, if you want to go we need to get enrolled ASAP. I am asking that we have all enrollment finished by the end of April.* ** We will need volunteers to go as adult leaders to camps and drivers.**

If you have any questions or would like to volunteer please call or text me @ (918) 230-7152 or email pryorfumcyouth316@gmail.com

Thank you and God bless, Michael S. Smith


Youth Schedule

If you are in 7th-12th grade, please join us
Sunday School (9:40-10:30am)
E3 Wednesdays 6 – 8 pm
Life Group Monday 4 – 5:30 
(Friday at 4 during Basketball season!)
We will dust off the cobwebs of our Pryor UMC Youth page on Facebook and begin doing Weekly Parent Connection post to make the parents aware of what we will be focusing on for that week so if you have any 7-12 graders in youth or would like to just stay up to date with what we are doing in our youth program please like and follow.